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You landed the audition…now what?

A lot can affect your audition — your wardrobe, the client, and even how close your time slot is to lunch. Trust us, nobody likes a hungry casting agent!

But the most important factor? Audition coach David Goro has over ten years of experience in the performing arts, and he can sum it up in a single word: “Practice.”

“You need to practice, rehearse, [and] study…if you’re going on a show that exists, watch the show! If you are auditioning for a music, watch the musical!”

After running through your material a few thousand times, it can be hard to judge your performance critically. That’s where our trained audition coaches can help you stand out from the crowd.

Each one has working experience in theater, music, film, or dance, so you can enter your audition with the confidence to succeed!


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