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Training for your future

It’s never too late to develop your skills and learn something new! Join one of our small-group classes to gain valuable experience that will set you apart in your career.




Find your voice in the growing field of voiceover performance! In this exciting course by industry veteran Brian Beacock, you will personally learn the skills needed to excel at creating content for everything from commercials to video games.

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Audition technique

Learn skills for improv auditions, one-minute monologues, cold reads, prepared sides on camera, singing, and dance auditions. Be ready and confident in any audition situation for many years to come!



Take acting lessons to the next level, by exploring movement, rhythm, scene and monologue work, and improv from working performers, whose unique perspectives and approaches can further develop your acting skills.



The only stunt class in Santa Clarita! Learn rolls, stunt blocking and fighting, swordwork, mini-tramps, low falls and how to make it look right on camera from working stunt professionals who emphasize safety and training for this exciting field.

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Grow your knowledge and experience in dance as a whole through a series of dance classes that will help you master the basics in multiple styles, including tap, jazz, hip-hop, ballet, contemporary, and modern dance.


Musical theater

Strengthen the basic singing, acting, and dancing needed for the stage, while exploring styles of Musical Theater and learning the skills needed to put on a show.